We here at First Church of God (located at 1080 Harrison Street, near Lincoln School) are dedicated to being a help in these troubled times.  Sometimes life is tough and finding a balance and purpose for our lives is difficult.  This happens in individuals, families and communities.  During these times we need to know there is someone we can lean on and get involved in some solutions. 
Our ‘Mission Statement’ is: “Love God, Love others, Serve the World, Reach the Lost”.  It’s a place where we find real purpose and connect with others as friends and helpers in various ministries around us.   We are starting in our community.  We filled 57 backpacks with all the supplies each child on every grade level (Kindergarten – 5th grade) needed and donated them to Neilson Elementary School to help those families that could not afford to provide all this for their children.  Our large multi-purpose room (some call it our gym) is being used by local schools for a place to practice volleyball, basketball and more. 

Pastor Bill Strawn and Pastor Charisse Strawn are our Senior Pastors and have been with our church for several years..

We are in process of scheduling regular showings of ‘family-oriented’ and also faith based films.  This is a church that cares and wants to have a positive impact here in our city and surrounding areas. It’s a place where you, too, can join in and make a difference by coming and getting involved in making our area a good, safe, and productive place to live. We believe in the simple message of Jesus.  We teach and worship Jesus and His power to bring life, hope and strength to every person and their families.  First Church is where we believe that:  “EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY TO GOD”                   
Our Worship Times are Sunday Mornings at 10 am
Come as you are.  We are casual here.  We also have small group Bible studies on Wednesday evenings, where we can make friends, find and give, the much needed support and friendship we all need. Come and find a positive place to worship and for help in real living and faith for today and all the tomorrows to come.